Onizuka Glass is a manufacturer specializing in specialty glass products for the scientific community.  Based on our solid glass process technology, we concentrate our research, development, and manufacturing efforts on laboratory glass devices and X-ray generators.

              We have blended the excellent Craftsmanship of our skilled and advanced glass process workers, so called Craftsman, with the Knowledge that scientists and engineers have gained over time to create our technologies and products.  However, Craftsmanship and Knowledge can become obsolete quickly and current techniques and knowledge cannot envision and create the technology and products of the future.  To lead the way beyond the current Craftsmanship and Knowledge, craftsmen and scientists/engineers of Onizuka Glass frequently have hot debates on the future.  Your tomorrow is only built by yourself and this also applies to business enterprises.

              Important missions of a business enterprise are to be sustainable and to contribute to society.  Our company’s most valuable resources are our employees.  These individuals must always look up and have the will to aim higher, even for 1mm of improvement, to build the future of himself/herself.  I strongly believe that if we continue nurturing our talented employees with strong “will”, they will light the way to the future and flourish themselves, and Onizuka Glass will become one of the business enterprises that will be sustainable forever.

Yoshihiro Onizuka

Company Profile

Company name: ONiZUKA GLASS, CO., LTD.
President: Yoshihiro Onizuka
Address: 3-9-18 Imai, Ome-shi, Tokyo, 198-0023, JAPAN
Tel: +81-(0)428-31-4305
Fax: +81-(0)428-31-3392
Date Established: January 1967

Capital: 30,000,000 JPY

Company History

January 1967 - Founded in Tanashi-shi, Tokyo
May 1971 – Onizuka Glass Limited established
January 1973 – Office moved to Ome-shi, Tokyo
October 1989 – Corporate office building built
October 1997 – Company name changed to Onizuka Glass Co., Ltd.
March 2010 – Moved into a new corporate office building in Ome-shi, Tokyo